Ambulatory BRAVO pH Study 

Ambulatory BRAVO pH study is the preferred test used to examine the acidity level in the esophagus during a 48 hour period.  During an upper endoscopy, a small capsule the size of a small pill is attached to the lower esophagus.  This capsule detects the acidity level of the lower esophagus to evaluate for acid reflux disease (also known as gastroesophageal reflux disease).  The information collected from the capsule is transmitted to a data recorder that is worn by the patient during the 48 hour period.   The patient is free to engage in normal daily activities during this 48 hour period.  This exam is much more comfortable and convenient than the old way of measuring esophageal acidity level (which involves inserting a catheter through the nose for 24 hours)

This test is often done to confirm or rule out acid reflux as a cause of common symptoms such as: